Web Site Security

Prevention is better than a cure.

A website is a tool for you to inform and promote. It is an investment. With regular promotion and maintenance, your website shelf-life can be greatly increased over that of an un-kept site… therefore increasing the return on your investment!

On a security point, the fallout from a website getting hacked is huge. It’s often not just a case of re-instating your site from a Backup, as hackers may have left depository code in place to continue to manipulate your system for their benefits. Once a website Exploit has has taken place you will need to address how it happened (and fix any damage it has caused), and then often upgrade the website code (and any Themes, Extensions used in your site) to run the latest software versions so it is up to date and secure.

The costs of a hacked or broken website can heavily out-weight paying regular attention to your investment, extending it’s shelf-life and staying secure within the environment its operating.

Security is a serious matter for any website owner, we can help provide you a safe and secure website. While there are many threats out their such as Heartbleed there are other threats as well, competitors hackers and spammers would all love the chance to infect your website and the sad truth is your site will be the target of an attack at some point so why not hire Lanpat Designs to help you secure your investment?

Some of the ways we are able to help secure your site is with country blocking, ip blocking or if you want something even more secure we can set up a two factor authentication.

“Two Factor Authentication” which is used by banks, government agencies and military world-wide as one of the most secure forms of remote system authentication

The experts at Salt Lake City Nerds can help keep your web site, network and computers secure, safe and in compliance. We can work with any brand of computer and any operating system, with extensive knowledge of both windows and ios devices. Securing your network and computers is just as important as securing your web site.