Pat Driscoll

For the last 20 years I have been employed in the IT industry and have worked with major companies like Delta and Vonage. I have also taken my love of technology and built up successful internet cafes and lived the self-employed dream for over ten years. I now am employed with a government job that allows me to keep my skills current and relevant. On a daily basis I oversee four major locations with more than 1500 devices.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur I know what matters to other business owners, like how to work within budget to ensure efficiency. Happy technology makes for happy employees, and turnover can be a nightmare.

When I am not working I am tied to the outdoor industry or spending time gaming. My unique knowledge of both the gaming and business worlds makes me a perfect candidate for any of your custom computer needs.

I also have a flexible schedule so I can tackle your problems when they arise.

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